Independent IT advice and solutions

Nebulex has been providing IT solutions that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively since 2009.

In our earliest days we focused on telephony and contact centre technologies. We supplied qualified, professional support to large IT vendors and systems integrators. We acted on their behalf, implementing systems and solving support issues for their clients. In the process, we built a reputation for reliability and for the quality of our expertise.

That was some years ago and our business has expanded a lot since then. We still carry out work on behalf of IT vendors and integrators, but now we also work directly with business users. Our clients range from small businesses to large, global enterprises. They come from a range of industries including finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, advertising and media, food, not-for-profits and all tiers of government.

We’ve also increased our range of offerings. In addition to managed IT services, we design and implement solutions of all shapes and sizes, from online services such as website development, email and social marketing, to complex enterprise wide telephony systems.

We have consultants and partners right across the globe. It’s this reach that allows us to complete project as complex as communications deployments involving 10,000 users across 20 countries and three continents.

We understand that investing in IT can be daunting and clients expect every solution to deliver real business benefits. That’s why, since day one, we’ve only used best-in-class, proven technologies. We employ consultants who are expert in their field and we back our services with 24/7 availability.

We believe success is based our ability to deliver fast, responsive and personal service for every client. We always get to know our clients well and enjoy working as part of their team. We love a challenge, be it technical or business. Above all, we have an absolute commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions that solve real business needs.


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